Business Life Project

Welcome to my site dedicated to making money online and building my own life plan based on my mistakes and successes. My point of view is far from quivering thinking and telling you how to live. I focus on the business side of life, because I consider it the most important element of a successful life.

The money does not bring happiness

This slogan is very often used, both by people who have never fared in the professional sphere and those who made a lot of money. Don't take me as a materialist, I put money first because I know how important they are. Without money, you won't have anything to pay the bills for, you'll be under stress every month or enough for rent.

You can also live like an average person, having holidays once a year and working on them throughout the rest of the year. Is there anything wrong with that? Theoretically, no, but you can not call it life in your own way.

I do not want to persuade you to quit your job, enter a specific industry and I do not promise that everyone will succeed. On the contrary, most people are not made to run the forms of income discussed in numerous posts on this blog. They often require even more work, self-discipline and exit from the comfort zone.

What articles can I find on the site?

I write mainly about making money using the opportunities offered by the Internet, e.g. passive income for artists, and how to find your niche. Many of my suggestions may not necessarily change your life 100%, bringing you to the point where your online business is big enough to quit your job, but a few hundred dollars a month for not doing anything for the next few years also sounds good.

To know how to make money online you need to know the principles of internet marketing and this is what the second type of articles appearing on the website is about. Passive income and earning without leaving home are phrases that attract the attention of thousands of people each month. Many people offer willow pears, duplicating what has already been said hundreds of times.

Using my many years of experience in the world of internet marketing, I want to discuss the validity of certain patterns and show a fresh approach to many topics. In addition to purely educational posts like Long Tail SEO showing how to perform keyword analysis, and thus how search engines work, you will also find purely practical content in which, on specific examples, how to perform a given task.

The third type of article discusses life issues, more psychological such as whether you should chew a second job, or why you hate applying for a job. I wanted to create a place where everyone can find something for themselves, so I don't separate myself from people working full-time, I just want to show them that they can earn extra money and live at a better level.

Who am I?

You are probably wondering why you should follow the advice of someone you don't know. Let's start with the fact that if your friends and family are not rich, you should not be interested in their opinion on business issues, you should listen to people who know what they are talking about.

My name is Thomas and since 2014 I am involved in internet marketing and creating websites. In the early stages of my work I focused mainly on SEO, i.e. optimizing websites for google search engines, and this is still the main element of my business. Over time, however, I became more interested in additional traffic sources like Pinterest, or Google Ads and FB Ads.

I am a google certified partner, I passed several google adsense and side courses like google analytics etc. I run advertising campaigns with large budgets and I run my own Internet marketing company.

I am still trying to develop, so at some point I became interested in partner systems and obtaining passive income using partnership in various affiliate networks.

I am an IT engineer by education with specialization in programming, but my thesis was based on the project of positioning the website of one of the clients. I am convinced that you will draw useful knowledge from my articles and you will appreciate the detailed description of the issue in question. I am not encouraging anyone to do any shopping or enter any suspicious businesses. I create content because I have such a need and I want to share my knowledge.

Okay, I don't extend, choose a topic and start your business life project!