Building Hope In Haiti, Inc. is actively seeking sponsors for children living in Morne L'Hopital, Haiti who are not attending school or who are in danger of not being able to continue their education.

  • Click HERE to sponsor a child.
  • Click HERE to meet our sponsored students.

As a sponsor, you are committing to paying for the educational expenses of your child for the school year. Although you are making an initial 1 year commitment, we hope that you will decide to sponsor your child each year, thus ensuring that he/she is able to attend school on an on-going basis. You will receive photographs of your student, information on how he/she is doing in school and the opportunity to send letters and photos to your child when we travel to Haiti.

Sponsorship donations are tax deductible.

Costs vary by the grade level of the student.

  • Elementary: $25/month
  • Middle: $35/month
  • High School: $45/month
  • Trade School: depends on the Program

Sponsorship donations can be made annually, quarterly, or monthly.