Building Bridges

An Interactive Workshop in:

Cultural Self-Awareness & Competency and Understanding the Dynamics of Intolerance and Racism

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"It was a profound, informative, and stretching team building experience--just what we needed!"


In our constantly changing cultural landscape, what is needed for our organizations and institutions to become more culturally competent? In our diverse and pluralistic society, how can we as leaders/volunteers become better prepared for these challenges? How can we become decisive and credible agents of change? Together we can deepen our collective awareness in order to more effectively continue working towards furthering authentic communication, cooperation, and service.

The purpose of this two session workshop is four-fold:

1. To gain greater personal cultural self-awareness, gaining deeper insight into our own cultural make-up (what has shaped our "world view" and why?) and how that continues to impact our lives and relationships with others. This workshop offers a profound and engaging team building opportunity.

2. To gain further understanding of the complexities of culture and become more effective in cross-cultural communication, cooperation, and service.

3. To deepen our knowledge of the historical context and the root causes and dynamics of intolerance and racism and how these affect our personal lives, institutions, and communities.

4. To provide opportunity for individual and organizational self-reflection and evaluation, and consider possible next steps for ongoing cultural competency and anti-racism actions.