Parent and Student Resources for Student Success

Students can experience a variety of challenges throughout their time in school.  

If your child is struggling academically, you should first reach out to the appropriate teacher.  They are there to help and are best able to help to resolve any concerns.

If you are unable to address any problems directly with the teacher, here are some other resources to explore:

School Counselor - The counselors may be able to help your child through a problem, or they can direct you to an appropriate resource.

Content Area Supervisor - If you cannot address your concern with the teacher directly, the supervisor can investigate further and reach a resolution.

Grade Level Building Administrator (Assistant Principal or Principal) - If the concern is behavioral, then the grade level administrator is your best resource.

There are an abundance of resources available to help our students to be happy and successful.  It can be difficult to navigate these resources, so this page is intended to help connect parents and students to any resources that may help navigate different needs throughout our program.  

Some of these resources overlap, and are linked in different places on our website.  Each button below is intended to connect you to specific resources. 

The Academic Support Page is a collection of resources to support learning.  They cover a range of subjects and study tips.  This page will change over time as resouces are added and revised. 

The Mental Health and Wellness Supports Page will help you navigate district-provided and other online resources to help you deal with a wide variety of situations - from helping you develop skills and manage stress to assisting you when dealing with a more serious situation.  At all times, please reach out to a school counselor or administrator for immediate assistance whenever needed.

After utilizing all of the academic resources presented in the previous slides and implementing I&RS, a child study team evaluation may be warranted if meaningful progress has not been achieved.