Membership & RESERVATIONS Procedure for 2024


2024 Renewal and new members will be on JANUARY 20, 2024.

The BSC Annual Meeting on January 20, 2024 at 10 a.m. is just around the corner and all members will need to renew their memberships return and receive new keys. 

Three positions on the BSC Board of Directors are up for re-election.  In December 2024 an email was sent to all members requesting volunteers interested in running for the Board of Directors.  We need more nominees for the Board. January 20, 2024 Annual Meeting you could be on the ballot.

We will start the meeting at 10 a.m. and will conduct a recap of events in 2023 and plans for 2024 with the membership before beginning to issue keys.

We will have three tables to register members and issue new keys, these will be divided up alphabetically by the member’s last name. You will sign in and receive a number based on the first letter of the member’s last name.  You will only sign in on one sheet.  

If you signed and received the By-Laws in 2023, you will not need a new copy but may request one if desired.  You will be required to sign a release of liability and acknowledgement form in the presence of a board member.  You must return your key(s) from 2023 or you will be charged $30.00 for each missing key and this must be paid with your new membership.  The membership rates will remain the same at $360.00 for Boat Ramp and Beach access and $250.00 for Beach access only.  This can be paid by cash, check or money order.  

All members must bring proof of ownership (Property Tax Statement or similar) or a current valid rental agreement of no less than six months for a property within the Key Largo Park Subdivision, or approved Waterways residences.  If you wish to register a vessel and receive a parking decal, you must provide the registration and FL numbers with your membership.

We will ask that everyone be conscious of social distancing and wearing a mask under the Tiki Hut is encouraged.  If any directives should change prior to the January meeting, we will comply with local mandates.  We believe that the registration process has been streamlined and should be smooth, but we ask for your patience and consideration since we are all volunteers with a common goal of keeping Buttonwood Sound Club pristine and enjoyable for its members. 

Membership requires proof of property ownership or a signed rental agreement in the Key Largo Park Sub Division and the payment of annual dues.  Current dues are $360.00/year for beach and boat ramp access or $250.00/year for beach access only. Keys are good per calendar year, with new keys being distributed beginning in January of each year. If you are unable to attend the January meeting, you can apply for keys at any subsequent Buttonwood Sound Club general members meeting, the third Saturday of the month.  You are expected to read, respect and comply with Club Rules and Regulations to remain a member in good standing.

For a BEACH ACCESS key only, please be prepared to: 

For BOAT RAMP ACCESS and a BEACH key, please be prepared to: