A Brief Description of Our Four Different Outreaches

Jesus Coffee

Every Friday night, a rotating group of 15 volunteers serve local Jobella organic coffee and hot cocoa (with whipped cream and sprinkles!) at the SLO homeless shelter. Our aim is to show those experiencing homelessness the utmost hospitality by serving only the best quality beverages and goodies: the kinds we would serve to our family. Ultimately, we are expressing Christ Jesus's care for them.

We meet to pray as a volunteer group before and after we serve, constatly entreating God to stretch out His hand of rescue and empowerment for our homeless friends. For three hours, we build relationships, serve coffee and cocoa, respectuflly proclaim the good news of the gospel where there are open doors; we pray for people, engage in long conversation, and generally look for ways to hold space for our homeless friends in crisis.

Women's Support Group

Twice a month, on 1st and 3rd Friday nights, a team of volunteers sets up the Prado Homeless Shelter's conference room with beauty and a bit of feminine grace. They provide an atmosphere of hospitatlity with tea, cookies, worship music, and flowers. We hold a simple Bible study covering baisc Christian principals that are helpful to ladies in crisis. There is prayer, much hand holding, lots of conversation, and oodles of support for these homeless ladies in their fear, troubles, trauma, and crisis.

Men's Support Group

Twice a month, on 2nd and 4th Fridays, we use the Prado Shelter conference room to create a non-threatening space for homeless men who have a desire to move toward Jesus: a space to talk and recieve encouragement in their season of trial. We have a short Bible study around simple principles of Christian discipleship. We pray for our homeless friends, and talk in more depth with those who need a listening ear and a supportive environment.

BroMobile Street Outreach in Downtown SLO Bi-Weekly.

On Thursdays and Fridays of most weeks we are in downtown SLO riding around on bikes serving coffee, passing out socks, and warmly connecting with our homeless friends. We place a huge value on praying before and after we serve downtown, knowing that we are entering into a world - seperate from the affluent society above the creekbed - marked by suicidal thoughts, violent outbursts, mental instability, drug use/abuse, depression, and confusion. Ultimately we seek to listen intently to the Holy Spirit who knows what each person we meet needs, in order to provide specific spiritual care as we build long-term relationships. We have plenty of opportunity to mediate homeless resources, encourage our friends to not give up, speak of the God who saves and sets free, do simple drug and alcohol counseling, and announce the good news that God does not give up on failures.

Please check out the following videos highlighting some of the detials of BroMobile in downtown SLO.