Our Story

Beautiful San Luis Obispo, California

As beautiful as SLO is, our quaint little city is in desperate need of a warm-spirited, relational support system for those who are experiencing the crisis of homelessness. Our county reported 1500 homeless persons counted during the enumeration a few years ago, which was a 30% increase from the previous count. It is completely unacceptable on every human level to have such economic inequity in our community. These numbers should stagger us as Christians, and move us to action! An increase in homelessness among the towns we call home is a violation of God's reconciling heart, and His clearly-stated will regarding His people's engagment with social justice that is carefully expressed in the Judeo-Christian scriptures.

Our Director, Andrew Anderson, has had the privilidge of working professionally over the last 10 years for two of the biggest providers of services for the homeless in the SLO area: Transitions Mental Health Association and Community Action Partnership. While working for a variety of different programs, and through five different offices, Andrew noticed the marked absence of a consistent, Gospel-based, relational support network for those in the homeless community. Although there are many helpful services for the unsheltered to access, a persistent, relational mediation of Jesus's sacrificial love to people facing crisis is one of those necessary missing pieces. Brothers & Mothers is designed to provide that missing piece.

It is our firm belief that no one should suffer alone through the crisis of homelessness!

Our below tells the story about how Brothers & Mothers began, and what our 501c3 Non-Profit and our volunteer BroMo family is seeking to contribute as an answer to the social and spiritual concerns within our own county.

  • The following video is our Director's narrative on the birth of Brothers & Mothers. Basically, it's our story of how Brothers & Mothers came to exist as a non-profit in SLO County. For more color and context on our story, Please also check out below: Andrew's sermon "Everyone is Invited to the Table", given at Calvary SLO in August of 2018, and the November 2020 Radio show episode where Andrew is interviewed on the origins of our non-profit.

The following sermon was given at Calvary SLO in August of 2019. Here Andrew tells the story of how he discovered God's love for the poor, and his own need for heart transformation, as a chaplain at the Portland Rescue Mission.


The following link is to a radio show hosted by a local SLO Pastor Kurt plegl. He invited the BroMo director on his show in November of 2020 to talk about the story behind Brothers & Mothers and what we are up to in SLO.