As Christ followers, we are compelled to love because "He first loved us..." (1 John 4:19) . I mention LOVE here in the context of Giving, because love can - and should - exhibit itself in giddy , cheerful variety within a unique movement like Brothers & Mothers. We see a radical variety of humans who end up being homeless. Therefore, we need a radical variety of humans volunteering and donating to effectually fulfill our vision: to support our homeless friends in their crisis. Below are a few of those opportunities for your involvement in BroMo's mission at this point in the growth of our little movement:


This is the heartbeat of BroMo. We believe that God's love and power are supposed to move hand in hand. When Christ followers pray, then the Love of God most powerfully flows through our activities. Since we are aiming at heart change for our homeless friends, as well as for us who volunteer, we know that we need way more than just activity. We need God's powerful Spirit to do that heart-changing work! We have over 50 people who regularly pray for us via our Prayer List and bi-monthly updates, and we are constantly looking for more believers to PRAY for our movement, asking for God's kingdom to expand among the homeless. If you desire to join our prayer team, please email us at and you will regularly recieve our bi-monthly updates highlighting the vision and happenings across BroMo, as well as specific, targeted communication about the key areas that need your prayers. Thank you so much!


Back during the time of the Protestant Reformation, where our Christian world was radically reshaped, there were three general principals that guided what the Reformers were seeking to accomplish. Those principals were: 1) One is able to connect with God by faith alone in the finished work of Jesus on the cross, NOT on the basis of good works, nor the sacraments of the Church. 2) The Bible is the sole authority of the believer for life and practice, not the ordinances or authority of the Church. 3) The priesthood of all believers. Many of the Reformers were killed by the dominant religious establishement of their time for believing that ANY and ALL Christians were ministers of God's varied grace, not just the religious clergy.

This last point is what some have called "the unfinished work of the reformation". ALL Christians are saints, ministers, clergy and called ministers of the Gospel of Jesus in their context. We of BroMo want to continue to do the good work of Jesus and the Reformers in proclaming that ALL Christians have an incredibly valuable contribution, and ARE incredibly valuable to God's work on this planet.

If you are looking for a unique, guided, and personally challenging reformation experience, then look no further. We are super proud of our almost 15 hard working volunteers, who come from a variety of different socio-economic categories, ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. Robust education in homeless culture and relationship buillding is amply provided, as well as "on the job" mentoring and training - no one is left alone as a volunteer with BroMo! If you desire to explore the possibility of volunteering with us, please thoroughly peruse the VOLUNTEER subpage under the Give section on our pull down menu.

Financial Partnership

Along with our time, our money is another key aspect of how we invest in God's kingdom. Brothers & Mothers has had the prividlidge of partnering with dozens of individuals and a number of corporate financial partners, which has made the expansion of our vision possible. Every dollar invested is a movement towards the love of Christ being more fully and more consistently expressed among the homeless. If you desire to financially partner with us, please click on the DONATE button under this secion, which will take you to a link where you can give online. We are a 501c3 tax exempt non-profit, so any donation given to Brothers & Mothers is tax deductible. Thank you!