"(Brock) is an impressive young guy. The sky is the limit for him. He is focused and well-spoken with good perspective."

~ Mr. Greg Moore, Head Baseball Coach, Saint Mary's College (CA)

"I applaud Brock for being open to reaching out to someone for help (regarding leading a baseball program), the best coaches I know are always reaching out to others to get ideas."

~ Mr. Scott Bagniefski, Head Baseball Coach, La Crosse Aquinas High School

"Brock is an outstanding asset to our program. His hard work, initiative and knowledge have helped contribute immensely to the day-to-day operations of our program. Brock has also shown the ability to be a phenomenal leader. Since he began, we have felt comfortable giving him more responsibility such as being in charge of video, as well as being the lead student manager."

~ Mr. C.J. Wamsley, Minor League Baseball Coach, Toledo Mud Hens | Former Ohio Baseball Assistant

"Brock is well organized, his attention to detail was outstanding, and he took great pride in his work. His strengths include his ability to communicate, organize, and conceptualize ideas. He is task oriented and desires to see a project through to its completion. He worked well with others in our department including our administration, coaches, and other students involved with summer work positions."

~Mr. Alex Smith, Athletic Director, South Winneshiek High School | Former Associate Athletic Director and Head Baseball Coach, Luther College

"Brock did anything and everything. He's very skilled and smart but there wasn't a task that was below him. I admired his work ethic and also his ability to connect with the team."

~Mr. Ryne Romick, Associate Head Baseball Coach, Denison University | Former Ohio Baseball Assistant

"His (Brock) work ethic as a student and an athlete are examples for the many students he works with and influences here at NEWLHS. His passion for academics is mirrored by his athletic passion. He works hard at all times to be the best student, player and teammate that he can be. I have been in the teaching field for over 40 years, and have rarely found an individual of Brock's outstanding character and drive."

~Mr. Michael Stock, Retired Athletic Director, Northeastern Wisconsin Lutheran High School

"Brock's school work is always well done and completed on time. (He) will often go above and beyond my expectations as a teacher in his performance in the classroom and on assignments. Finally, (he) is an excellent leader. In conversations with him I have been impressed with the fact that he puts much time and thought into leading."

~ Mr. James McClellan, Principal/Guidance Counselor, Northeastern Wisconsin Lutheran High School

"He is a sharp young man, who has excelled in classes. Brock is a student who gets along with his classmates and is able to work in and lead groups. He is a very diligent student who studies hard and does not procrastinate."

~ Mrs. Holly Blocker, Retired Mathematics Chair, NHS Advisor, Northeastern Wisconsin Lutheran High School