About me

My name is Brian C. Steinberg and I grew up in New York City (Brooklyn to be exact), completed my undergraduate degree in Earth Science and Geology at Central Michigan University, and graduate work (MA) in Geography and Postsecondary Education: Student Affairs at The University of Northern Iowa. Also, my PhD (ABD) at Capella University (online) in the Leadership for Higher Education Program. I also received my Graduate Diversity Certificate from Capella University as well as Social Justice Training Certification from SJTI (Social Justice Training Institute: http://www.sjti.org).

My research interests are in Diversity and Multicultural Education Research, Theory, and Practice. Also, creating and presenting on how to create Ally Safe Zones on college campuses, organizations, institutions, and in the workplace.

In my professional career, I have taught Geography, Earth Science, Geology, Science and Technology, College Orientation, and Social Justice and Diversity Education as well as worked in Student and Residence Life at Central Michigan University, The University of Northern Iowa, The South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Stony Brook University, The University of Connecticut, The University of Maryland, The University of Buffalo, and Waldorf College, as well as working in the private apartment housing field for Capstone Communities (UConn and Maryland) and Campus Crest Communities in Ellensburg, Washington (Central Washington University).

Currently, I am living in Buffalo, NY and I am the President and CEO of The Ally Group (http://www.theallygroup.net) which is a professional diversity and multicultural education consulting and training firm. I travel around with my diversity trainers to many colleges, universities, businesses, and community groups and organizations to present on diversity programming and multicultural education. I also teach online classes for a few online colleges and universities. I teach online classes in World, Human, Political, and Global Geography, Sociology, Oceanography, Society and Technology, Critical Thinking, Diversity in the Workplace, Skills for Success, and Contemporary World Culture,

Locally, I teach Geography, Earth Science, Geology, and Environmental Science courses at a few local colleges and universities. I also work in areas of tech integration training teachers how they can use technology as a tool to increase student success. My day job entails teaching middle school and high school STEAM, Earth Science, and Physics.

Personally, I have been married over 20 years and have a 18 year old daughter named Annica and an 9 year old son named Dean. I also have a dog named Ivy and two cats named Logan and Lizzy. My deepest and biggest passions in life are diversity training and multicultural education, teaching (both in the traditional classroom and online), technology (FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, Skype, Internet, WebPages, Online Forums, Blogging, etc.), anything Star Wars or Star Trek related, tracking and monitoring the weather (Meteorology), holistic spiritual development (Buddhism), lots of Coffee (too much!), and a quest/journey to taste every kind of apple in the world (all 2000 or more varieties).

I used to be an avid marathon runner but broke my knee a few years ago and now have gotten into hard core biking.

And finally, I am very eager to learn from and find out more about all of you!