Anita-Alta camp was donated to NCSU in 1973 by the Luther Robinson family of the Mulberry Community after both of their daughters, Alta and Anita, had passed away from polio that they were stricken with in 1953. The campground consists of 375 acres which joins the Boone's Fork Park area consisting of 43,380 acres owned by the United States Forest Service. This area is part of the Pisgah National Forest under the supervision of the Grandfather District. Anita-Alta was used as a 4H Outpost Camp from 1873-2008. During that time it just never could make a profit. NCSU made the decision to close the camp permanently in September 2008. The appearance of the camp had grown worse over the years from lack of use and neglect.

The officers of the BRHA learned of it's closure from a 4H member who was hoping the group could save the camp. After much thought and deliberation, in July 2009 BRHA made the bold move to tackle the enormous expense of leasing, cleaning, repairing and reopening the camp. The camp was reborn as the Anita-Alta BRHA Youth & Horse Camp. Over 8 dump truck loads of trash and rubbish were removed from the property and much work was need on the water system, driveways, camping areas and trails. Basically all of the trails had been destroyed by fallen trees. BRHA held many, many workdays and club members showed up in full force with helping hands, open wallets and strong backs! Today we have over 10 new trails to add to the existing Boone's Fork trail system and have mapped and color coded each trail to aid hikers, bicyclists and horseback riders. We have also added other features to compliment horse camping. BRHA is proud to continue the legacy of the Robinson's; "...that these grounds may be an extension of the lives of our two daughters in serving youth". We hope you enjoy your time spent at Anita-Alta BRHA Youth & Horse Camp!

Thanks for being our guests.

The Blue Ridge Horseman's Association was formed in 1996.

The BRHA is organized for the purpose of supporting, assisting, and promoting

equestrian recreation in Caldwell County, North Carolina. In order to accomplish this purpose, BRHA has the following objectives:

A. Promote equestrian trail riding.

B. Maintain a trail head and campground for equestrian use.

C. Assist in the promotion of multi-use trails that include horse back riding in the State of North Carolina.

D. Assist in the education of both the public and equestrians in the safe interaction with all trail users.

E. Educate horsemen on the ethics of riding in harmony with the trail environment and offer leadership in the conservation of the land.

F. Provide an equestrian trail riding trail head and equestrian campground in Caldwell County, North Carolina.

The specific objectives and purposes of the BRHA shall include but not limited to:

Perpetuate the commonsense use and enjoyment of horses

Work to ensure that public lands remain open to recreational stock use.

Educate, encourage, and solicit active participation in the wise use of our natural resources by horsemen and the general public commensurate with our heritage.

Foster and encourage the use and care of our public lands by youth.

Provide and maintain public connections through an equestrian campground and recreational lands of the Pisgah National Forest.

Educate trail riders in proper maintenance techniques, tool use and design concepts.

Help all trail users and the public in understanding the unique methods of sharing trails with equine safely.