Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions:

What Form Of Payments Are Allowed?

Most popular these days is actually phone banking, here's the account number: 12-3100-0234780-02.
We also accept cash.
Currently we don't have eftpos. We also accept WeChat and Alipay payments.

The price is $17/kg for the first three kilos. If you pick over 3 kilos then the price is $15/kg for the lot.

What are your OPENING hours?

Normally we only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm


The "dark ring" where the berry connects to the bush, tells you it's ready to be picked


We don't mind you tasting the occasional berry, but when we see you scoffing handfuls of them we'll film you and put the video into the hall of shame. You wouldn't do it at the supermarket so why do it here?

What should I wear?

Generally we strongly recommend you wear lighter coloured, light clothing when it's sunny, as it can get quite hot in the orchard. Also don't forget your hat!

We have yet to try dress-optional or nude days

What Should I Bring?

Please bring something to take your berries home in, either a bucket, bag or ice cream container are all good. We will provide nice big, stable buckets for you (that you can put on the ground without fear of them falling over) to pick into, that we then weigh when you are done. We also have little buckets for kids. Of course you're welcome to pick into your own containers directly, if that's your thing. Please just make sure to check in first so we can weigh (tare) your empty container as it may not be the same as ours.

One 2L ice cream container typically will hold around 1.3 to 1.4 kg.

Are Pets Allowed?

We have a strict, no dogs allowed policy, sorry. Though your delightful little dog maybe an angel at home, they can turn into uncontrollable monsters when they see little chickens. There are also deer with babies next door, an angry mother deer would kill your little dog in a heartbeat, please leave them at home - not barking in your car.

We have had dogs run riot in the orchard, killing chickens and pheasants, it's a truly horrendous thing to see.

Also some people are afraid of dogs, no matter how cute they may seem.

are your berries organic?

We haven't sprayed the berries, or the ground around them for seven or eight years. We don't see the point in paying someone to come and say if they're organic or not, so they're not "certified organic" but "spray free for seven or eight years"

Our only insecticide is in the photo below.