Ukraine Ministry


After returning from a mission trip to Russia, Bro. Jack Mills and Jack Mills Evangelistic Association felt led of the Lord to began a mission work in the Ukraine. So in 1991 he began ministering to a people who had been deprived for over 70 years of hearing the Word of God.

During these years he has seen 17,047 professions of faith, given away 190,698 Bibles, distributed to hospitals over 1 1/2 million dollars in medical supplies and has built churches for 11 congregations who did not have an adequate church facility. This has been done with the donations of God’s people who have a love for spreading the gospel around the world. Bro. Jack gives all the glory to God for what is being done in the Ukraine.

In 1963-65, I was Bro. Jack’s Music Director and many years later while pastoring myself, I began joining him on his Fall Crusades to Ukraine. I, too, caught a glimpse of the vision Bro. Jack had to (1) Preach and Teach the Gospel through VBS and Crusades, (2) Give the Word of God to a people who have not been privileged to have a copy and (3) Build Church buildings for an economically deprived people.

After VBS in June 2006, Bro. Jack suffered a stroke that would keep him from returning to the Ukraine and he asked me to be his hands and feet to carry out his dream for Ukraine. So beginning in 2008, I became the Ministry Coordinator and partner with JMEA . Brother Jack went to be with the Lord Novemebr 3, 2008. Since that time, we have continued this ministry and we covet your prayers, and your participation in providing Bibles and Books to over 30 Churches in the Ukraine. Your financial support is appreciated. Let’s together carry out our part in the “Work of God” in the Ukraine. God bless you. Bro. Bobby Smith

Bible Schools

Bibles and Books Distribution

This preacher was using a Bible that was given to him by someone in prison. He was saved after reading it and God called him to preach. The Bible was one of ours and we do not know how it got to the prison in Russia.

Books given out at the 2012 European Soccer Tournament held in Donetsk, Ukraine

Prophecy Conference in Moldavia using our books on Prophecy.


Deer-breeding Camp in Western Siberia where a Baptist Church is using our Bibles and books