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Home Phone: 918-687-4013

Cell Phone: 685-1656


Bible Conferences (Faith, Prophecy, Tabernacle in the Wilderness, Feasts of Israel, Victory Over Circumstances)

Concerts (Southern Gospel Music)

Supply (Preaching and or Singing)


Having traveled in full time evangelism for 25 years, and pastoring for 13 years, my wife and I are again entering into full time evangelism. Beginning January 2007, we are available for Revivals (preaching and/or singing), Bible conferences and concerts.


Along with the preaching, my wife and I will be available to be in charge of the music, if needed. I will lead the congregational music and Jeannette will play the piano. Together we will provide the special music.


We have several music and preaching CD'S which we would like to make available during the revival. We usually set up a display in the foyer or a convenient place.

Love Offering

We take revivals on a love offering basis and only ask that an offering be taken each service during the revival. We feel God's people will supply our needs if the need is revealed and they have an opportunity to give each service.

Travel Expense

For travel expense we suggest you use the Standard Mileage Rate.


We prefer to stay in a motel, but if you have private accommodations in a home, that will be fine also. If distance permits, we can commute daily from our home.


Any special promotion for promoting attendance which you would like to use will be fine. Since you are familar with the people in your community, I feel you know what will work best.

We will be providing several special numbers each service and in some cases I may announce special messages ahead of time which may add to the promotion.

Some means of advertisement I've found effective are as follows:

* Church newsletter to members

* Local newspaper advertisement

* Area radio station spot ads