CD Albums

  1. Smile on Your Face
  2. Something Beautiful
  3. If You Only Knew
  4. The Steps of a Good Man
  5. I'm Gonna Make It
  6. One Step at a Time
  7. I've Come Too Far
  8. I Can't Even Walk
  9. Look For Me at Jesus Feet
  10. My, My, My

  1. Somebody Touched Me
  2. Do You Know My Jesus
  3. I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
  4. It Will Be Worth It All
  5. His Grace is Sufficient
  6. I've Been Changed
  7. Sheltered in the Arms
  8. Goin' in Style
  9. I'll Have a New Song
  10. I Was Looking for Jesus

  1. Too Long
  2. I Just Love Old People
  3. He's Still in the Fire
  4. Jesus Showed Up
  5. I Love Living in Grace
  6. We Can't Tell it All
  7. That's What the Bible Says
  8. On the Jericho Road
  9. By and By
  10. I Belong to Jesus

  1. Beautiful Day
  2. Just Find Jesus
  3. He Saw It All
  4. When the Sun of My Life Goes Down
  5. What a Day That Will Be
  6. Leaving on My Mind
  7. Thanks to Calvary
  8. Your Walk Talks
  9. Just a Closer Walk
  10. Four Days Late

  1. Before I Found the Lord
  2. Whatever He Does
  3. Joy Comes in the Morning
  4. Gone
  5. The Longer I Serve Him
  6. Because He Lives
  7. Something About That Name
  8. Redemption Draweth Nigh
  9. I Go to the Rock
  10. Born Again

  1. Jesus is Coming Soon
  2. I Came Here to Stay
  3. Just a Glimpse
  4. I Could Never Out Love the Lord
  5. Thanks to Calvary
  6. I've Found the Way
  7. One Day at a Time
  8. Feeling at Home
  9. Only Jesus Can Satisfy Your Soul
  10. He's My Everything

  1. This Way to Heaven
  2. Down From His Glory
  3. One Day at a Time
  4. Here Comes the Bride
  5. It is Finished
  6. Rise and Live
  7. Welcome to Heaven
  8. Who Am I

  1. Walk on Water Kind of Day
  2. He Came to Me
  3. I'm Not Givin' Up
  4. The Lighthouse
  5. In Time, On Time, Every Time
  6. God on the Mountain
  7. Speak the Word, Claim the Name, Plead the Blood
  8. Oh, What a Reason
  9. He's Still Waiting by the Well
  10. I Believe in a Hill Called Mt. Calvary


  1. Whatever He Does
  2. He's My Everything
  3. The Steps of a Good Man
  4. I Belong to Jesus
  5. I Was Looking for Jesus
  6. Are You Crucified
  7. Did You Pray Last Night
  8. This Way to Heaven
  9. Rise and Live
  10. I've Found the Way
  11. Just a Glimpse of Him

BOOKS Search the Scriptures Series

12 Lessons on the Major Doctrines of the Bible

1.Who Is God? 7. The Church

2. Who Is Jesus? 8. Two Offices of the Church

3. Who is the Holy Spirit? 9. Baptism

4. What is Salvation? 10. The Lord's Supper

5. What About Security 11. Finances

6. What About the Scriptures? 12. The Second Coming

8 Lessons on Prophecy

  1. The Rapture 5. The Antichrist
  2. The Judgment Seat of Christ 6. The Revelation
  3. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb 7. The Millennium
  4. The Tribulation Period 8. The Great White Throne Judgment

8 Lessons on How to be doers of the Word and not hearers only.

  1. How to Defeat the Enemy
  2. How to Prosper
  3. How to Make Decisions
  4. How to Live Through the Storm
  5. How to View the World
  6. How to Pray
  7. How to Serve the Lord
  8. How to Worship

How to Study the Bible

  1. Study the Bible as the Word of God
  2. Some Truths About the Bible
  3. Some Things the Word of God Will Do
  4. Depend on the Holy Spirit
  5. Study the Bible by Personalities
  6. Study the Bible by Themes
  7. Study a Book of the Bible
  8. Study to Obey

11 page booklet describing why I prefer the KJV.

1. Complete in its Compilation

2. Conservative in its Translation

3. Credible in its Origination

28 songs written by Bobby Smith

Victory Over Circumstances (71 pages)

A Bible Study in the life of Joseph. How Joseph over came his circumstances through

1. His Persecution

2. His Temptation

3. His Compassion

4. His Reaction