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I Belong to Jesus

Living in the Presence of the Lord  -  10 songs written by Bobby Smith

1.Living in the Presence of the Lord

2. He's My Everything

3. I Belong to Jesus

4. I Was Looking for Jesus

5. Whatever He Does

6. Steps of a Good Man

7. Rise and Live

8. This Way to Heaven

9. Just a Glimpse

10. Are You Crucified


BOOKS     Search the Scriptures Series

12 Lessons on the Major Doctrines of the Bible      

1.Who Is God?                                                                              7. The Church

2. Who Is Jesus?                                                                          8. Two Offices of the Church

3. Who is the Holy Spirit?                                                      9. Baptism

4. What is Salvation?                                                               10. The Lord's Supper

5. What About Security                                                         11. Finances

6. What About the Scriptures?                                          12. The Second Coming                       

8 Lessons on Prophecy   



8 Lessons on How to be doers of the Word and not hearers only.

How to Study the Bible

11 page booklet describing why I prefer the KJV.

1. Complete in its Compilation

2. Conservative in its Translation

3. Credible in its Origination

28 songs written by Bobby Smith

Victory Over Circumstances (71 pages)

A Bible Study in the life of Joseph.  How Joseph over came his circumstances.

1. His Persecution

2. His Temptation

3. His Compassion

4. His Reaction

Rejoice! Again I Say, Rejoice! (76 pages)

Verse by verse Study in the Book of Philippians

Will I Really Make it Through?

Why is This Happening to Me?

Why am I Still Here