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Project College Bound

Jan 15 - Jun 15, 2021

The switch to virtual school due to the COVID-19 pandemic was difficult for all of us, but more often than not, communities of color received the worst of it. Since this school year is more than half-way finished, we've decided to launch Project College Bound to celebrate graduating high school students of color across the country! If you are a member of the Class of 2021, share a little bit about your college plans with us and upload up to 3 photos. To participate, visit the link below!

BPS Musical Science Fair (Virtual Event)

Oct 1, 2020 - Mar 1, 2021

The BPS will be accepting science fair project submissions from students of color, aged 10-19, from October 1st through March 1st. Applicants must create a science-fair-style project and submit both a video recording of their presentation, as well as a one-page, informal lab report. Prize information will be determined and made public in late October. To participate, visit the link below!


Black Pianists Society Visual Arts Show

Sept 1, 2020 - Jun 1, 2021

The BPS Visual Arts Show will display artwork from students of color, and is accepting submissions from September 1st through March 1st. Participating artists must be students of color, aged 10-19. This year's prompt is: create a self-portrait that tells a story and pushes back against racial/cultural stereotypes in our society today. ALL submissions will be featured on our website! To participate, visit the link below!

Write Thank-You Cards for Our Essential Workers!

Nov 1, 2020 - Dec 31, 2021

Submit up to 5 handwritten thank-you cards for doctors and nurses in hospitals across the United States! If requested, 1 volunteer hour will be awarded per card. To participate, visit the link below!


1st Annual Holiday Recital

Nov 1 - Dec 15, 2020

Submit up to 3 video performances for the Black Pianists Society's 1st annual holiday recital! Participants must be students of color aged 10-19. Both instrumental and vocal performances will be accepted. If requested, 1 volunteer hour will be awarded per video. Holiday music is encouraged, but not required. To participate, visit the link below!


Kids Holiday Reading Sessions (Virtual Event)

Nov 1 - Dec 23, 2020

Each 1-hour session will consist of reading holiday books, telling stories, singing songs, and more! Volunteers and attendees are encouraged to wear festive pajamas. To participate, visit the link below!