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Ad Meliora (2021)

The ability to move on from past tragedy, one's mistakes, and personal darkness, is a path fraught with struggle. But much like a tree cycling through the seasons, each with its respective challenges, when a person takes the time to retrospectively measure progress, the subtle growth over time is strikingly monumental.

Prologue: A Penny To Spare Me Your Thoughts

Chapter 1: Why Do You Live So Hard?

Chapter 2: Crastinus Dies

Chapter 3: Fall Before You Wake

Chapter 4: Overthinking Oblivion

Chapter 5: Forty-Four Sunsets

Chapter 6: I've Grown, I'm Growing, I'm Still Unknowing

Chapter 7: Ad Meliora

Chapter 8: Let's Not Waste New Tears On Yesterday

Epilogue: We Have Nowhere To Go But Everywhere

Negative Paradigm Shift (single, 2020)

2020 contained a lot of darkness that affected every corner of the globe. A shift in perspective was sorely needed.

It's Only Permanent (2019)

IOP takes a dark turn from the visible societal conflicts to the much more painful individual struggles within, and tackles intense issues affecting millions of lives throughout the world.


The music in this album deals with serious heavy themes which tragically affect millions of lives world wide. If you are struggling with suicidal ideation or are concerned about someone who might be, seek help. You can find life saving information at: https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/

1. It's Only Permanent, Part 1

2. Burning At Both Ends

3. Clustercuss

4. On a Good Day You Can See the End From Here

5. Sunny Day Anhedonia

6. F41.0

7. Bird Without Feathers

8. Wilt

9. It's Only Permanent, Part 2

10. You're Gonna Carry That Weight

Once We Knew the World Well (2017)

An emotional musical journey and historical perspective of human conflict, world war, and personal struggle as seen through the lens of a post-rock band's debut album.

1.Once We Knew the World Well. (Poemat)

2.Live On Your Knees or Die On Your Feet. (Speech)

3.Avro Lancaster. (Info)

4.The Difference Between Surviving and Living. (Speech)

5.From an Infinite Multitude of Individual Wills. (Классическая литература)

6.Dulce et Decorum est pro Patria Mori. (poema)

7.And There Was a Great Calm. (Poem)

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Live at Metro Music Hall, SLC 2.20.18

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