It's Only Permanent (2019) - Set to release in January 2019.

This second full-length album takes a dark turn from the visible societal conflicts to the much more painful individual struggles within, and tackles intense issues affecting millions of lives throughout the world.


The music in this album deals with serious heavy themes which tragically affect millions of lives world wide.

The World Health Organization estimates that 1 million people die from suicide yearly.1 That's approximately 1 person every 40 seconds.

Affective disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, substance abuse, anxiety disorders, PTSD, certain personality disorders, and psychotic disorders are all established risk factors for suicide attempts.2,3,4 Also, factors such as childhood trauma, genetic factors, hopelessness, melancholia, irritability, pessimism, neuroticism, impulsivity, self-criticism, self-blame, no religious affiliation, poor social support and low levels of hydroxyindoleacetic acid in the cerebral spinal fluid have all held associations with suicide attempts.5,6

Eight out of ten people considering suicide give some sign of their intentions. People who talk about suicide, threaten suicide, or call suicide crisis centers are 30 times more likely than average to kill themselves.7

When successful treatment of psychiatric disorders can be attained, a resulting decrease in the suicide rate is observed.8

If you are struggling with suicidal ideation or are concerned about someone who might be, seek help. You can find vital information at:

Once We Knew the World Well (2017)

An emotional musical journey and historical perspective of human conflict, world war, and personal struggle as seen through the lens of a post-rock band's debut album.

Available to stream, download or CD purchase through Bandcamp.


Once We Knew the World Well

1.Once We Knew the World Well. (Poemat)

2.Live On Your Knees or Die On Your Feet. (Speech)

3.Avro Lancaster. (Info)

4.The Difference Between Surviving and Living. (Speech)

5.From an Infinite Multitude of Individual Wills. (Классическая литература)

6.Dulce et Decorum est pro Patria Mori. (poema)

7.And There Was a Great Calm. (Poem)


It's Only Permanent

1. It's Only Permanent, Part 1

2. Burning At Both Ends

3. Clustercuss

4. On a Good Day

5. Sunny Day Anhedonia

6. F41.0

7. Bird Without Feathers

8. Wilt

9. It's Only Permanent, Part 2

10. You're Gonna Carry That Weight

Album video teaser:

Live at Metro Music Hall, SLC 2.20.18

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