Once We Knew the World Well:

An emotional musical journey and historical perspective of human conflict, world war, and personal struggle as seen through the lens of a post-rock band's debut album.

Available to stream, download or CD purchase through Bandcamp.


Once We Knew the World Well

1.Once We Knew the World Well. (Poemat)

2.Live On Your Knees or Die On Your Feet. (Speech)

3.Avro Lancaster. (Info)

4.The Difference Between Surviving and Living. (Speech)

5.From an Infinite Multitude of Individual Wills. (Классическая литература)

6.Dulce et Decorum est pro Patria Mori. (poema)

7.And There Was a Great Calm. (Poem)

Album video teaser:

Full Live Set 2.20.18

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