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About us:

Black Flak and the Nightmare Fighters is a Post-Rock band formed in 2016 based out of Utah. The two guitarists, McKay Green and Sean Murphy, having played together in a previous band, are the founding members. Their joint vision for their music was not being met in their prior band, so they split off to work on a side project which has now culminated in this group and these songs.

McKay's background as a guitarist is more historically punk and alternative which is in stark contrast to Sean's death metal roots both as a drummer and guitarist. But they've both progressed and fused their influences into a strictly Post-rock sound wherein if you listen carefully, you may still pick out some of the darker death influence combined with the more alternative rock riffs melodically merged into a unique sound even to the instrumental post-rock genre.

After Sean and McKay wrote and recorded a few songs and established the vision for their debut album, they asked bassist, Dan Ibarra, to join their group and together they completed the composition and recording of the remainder of the album.

Dan's past ventures and influences include alternative, folk, and indie bands. His long hiatus from the music scene is largely due to his military service and his other career pursuits. But over the last year he has finally made the time to pursue his desire to rock.

The most recent addition is Randy Beasterfield on the drums. He has an accomplished music career that spans many years and is a welcomed addition to our ranks. We are very excited to work with him and have his creativity and talent with us.

*Album and Website artwork is all public domain photography.
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