Debut Album

Once We Knew the World Well

Available HERE.

Recent Concert review:

"...Black Flak and the Nightmare Fighters closed the show and took us to a decidedly darker place, both sonically and visually, with a heavy dose of distortion and mood lighting...they brought about a drastic, though certainly not unwelcome, change of pace with an immersive musical experience, complete with cryptic samples, sound effects, and sirens. This is music fit for an apocalypse; music better lived-in for a time than merely listened to. Be sure to check out their debut album..."

-Chris Whitehead, Reach

Recent Album Reviews:

"...start the music, close your eyes and'll create your own scenes from the gloomy pages of human civilization. It will be "silent film", accompanied by sublime, sad and mournful music. A minimalist rehearsal of soft melodies, dynamic cascading builds, gripping tremolo guitars, a steady solemn beat of drums, sweeping ambient textures and meaningful sample programming...the "cinema" you will see will be new and all your own."

"Once We Knew the World Well" - a moody work, emotional and expressive, very listenable, and in its stylistic niche clearly competent. For fans of post-rock and instrumental soundtrack music, it's definitely worth a try."

- Igor Gorelyi, R.A.I.G Records (Translated from Russian)

"...a high degree of perfection in the visualization of the delicate texture of the sound well as the musical image of the message that they wanted to include throughout the album.

Their unique post-rock sound and narrative are impressive. Late night, even at low volume, the sound that fills the room is very satisfying. It's a musical pleasure to feel."

- (Translated from Korean)

"...the album’s songs are sweeping instrumental numbers that feel inherently cinematic. Old radio transmissions and other found sounds intersperse the tracks, which simmer and explode around simple, heavy drum beats and echoing guitar lines."

- Court Mann, Daily Herald

Black Flak and the Nightmare Fighters is a post-rock band from Utah.

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