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Ad Meliora:

"Kate Hoffmeister’s rich, full-toned voice adds depth and resonance in a manner which brings a heightened sense of grandeur to the tracks on which she appears...BFNF’s songwriting abilities are certainly far above the more generic and forgettable acts that have come and gone over the past ten years...There are a lot of ideas at play here, but none of them are overplayed, and as a result the record consistently feels fresh and engaging. When it all comes together like it does on tracks like "I've Grown, I'm Growing, I'm Still Unknowing," and "Let's Not Waste New Tears On Yesterday," it's really quite something to behold. It's safe to say that BFNF have arrived with Ad Meliora."

-David Zeidler, Heavy Blog Is Heavy (Interview and Review Here)

"...The production, dynamics, the layering of guitar passages, and every timbre is just perfect... Ad Meliora not only sets Black Flak and the Nightmare Fighters on a fascinating new trajectory, but synthesizes a careful potpourri of influences that shatters expectations... Black Flak is back stronger now with this really impressive release...that crosses the experimental and art rock line into accessible, eminently relatable territory that rings with youthful ardor for the future!"

-Gene, Veil of Sound (Full Article Here)

"If you haven't checked out the badass new album, Ad Meliora...we can't urge you enough! ...the most ambitious and eclectic record put forth by the band till date and has certainly raised the bar...Don't sleep on it; this is the soundtrack to your best imaginations.

-Supratik Sarthak, WherePostRockDwells

It's Only Permanent:

" involving and dramatic style of cinematic post rock. ...Themes that pervade the album...give the record a unique, albeit desperately bleak character. Despite this, the quick-fire peaks served up by Black Flak, and the lighter, semi-reflective tone of the fine lead guitar work, lift the mood and provide an effective and compelling contrast. Indeed, ‘On A Good Day We Can See The End From Here’ is one of the more uplifting tracks I’ve heard about killing yourself in some time. The sense of urgency, with the 10 tracks on the album clocking in at just 42 minutes, the pleasing diversification between and within tracks, the crisp and punchy production, and the expert conceptualization of one’s struggles with cerebral well-being, make this an emotional and highly enjoyable record."

-Rich Buley, Echoes and Dust (Full Article Here)

HBIH - Editor's Pick:

"It’s Only Permanent paints a picture of a world teetering on the edge of seemingly inevitable destruction. All the while snarling guitars cut through with piercing riffs and grooves so dirty you can practically feel the rust crunching off of them...not interested in wasting your time though even as it seeks to take you through an entire cycle of crisis and relief followed by more turmoil and pandemonium...It’s an emotional tour de force that is worth holding onto every second for."

-Nick Cusworth, Heavy Blog Is Heavy - (Full Article Here)

"It's Only Permanent is mainly distinguished by its predominantly calmer, gentle and beautiful sound...the music of Black Flak and the Nightmare Fighters is an introspective symphony...a beautiful album, completely worthwhile listening...If you are an enthusiast of modern experimental post rock, you will positively love this amazing work of art."

-Wagner, Merchants of Air (Full Article Here).

Once We Knew The World Well:

"...cinematic, harrowing and at times both frenzied and tragic. The four-piece ensemble utilizes dynamic shifts, tight drumming and a heavy use of effects pedals, creating a soundtrack to what could be a yet-unmade documentary about mankind’s conflict and grief...Once We Knew imparts a sense of stark nostalgia, and is as pictorial as it could be, at times capturing the feel of the war... an inspired, engaging debut release."

-Ryan Sanford, SLUG Magazine (Full Review HERE)

"...start the music, close your eyes and'll create your own scenes from the gloomy pages of human civilization. It will be "silent film", accompanied by sublime, sad and mournful music. A minimalist rehearsal of soft melodies, dynamic cascading builds, gripping tremolo guitars, a steady solemn beat of drums, sweeping ambient textures and meaningful sample programming...the "cinema" you will see will be new and all your own."

"Once We Knew the World Well" - a moody work, emotional and expressive, very listenable, and in its stylistic niche clearly competent. For fans of post-rock and instrumental soundtrack music, it's definitely worth a try."

- Igor Gorelyi, R.A.I.G Records (Translated from Russian, link Here)

"...a high degree of perfection in the delicate texture of sound...Their unique post-rock sound and narrative are impressive. Late night, even at low volume, the sound that fills the room is very satisfying. It's a musical pleasure to feel."

- (Translated from Korean, link Here)

Concert review:

"...Black Flak and the Nightmare Fighters closed the show and took us to a decidedly darker place, both sonically and visually, with a heavy dose of distortion and mood lighting...they brought about a drastic, though certainly not unwelcome, change of pace with an immersive musical experience, complete with cryptic samples, sound effects, and sirens. This is music fit for an apocalypse; music better lived-in for a time than merely listened to."

-Chris Whitehead, Reach // Reach

Black Flak and the Nightmare Fighters are a band from SLC, UT.

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