Chapter Education & Training

Here are the Space/Gulf Coast Chapter various training initiatives that we have available to support our Chapter's membership to help them become . . .

better investors and mentors to others

This is a Chapter initiative that is conducted by Chapter Volunteers. Originally conceived as a training platform to support orientation and skill training for new Space Coast Model Investment Club members it has grown to support general chapter BI membership training in an interactive, unscripted workshop environment that supports individual, highly interactive learning.


This is a full day event that is also conducted by Chapter Volunteers. The location is rotated within the Chapter's area of training responsibility. Click here for the IEF website (work in progress).


This is an national event to educate the American public on the need for personal financial responsibility and awareness. It is held during April of each year by many organizations. See here for more info and support stuff.


This is a workshop-type event conducted at club meetings or at regional locations for multi-club audiences with focus on investing training topics of interest to the target group(s).


This is a workshop designed to introduce the general public to BetterInvesting's philosophy, concepts and online tools.

This is a website that registered users can actually edit (that's a "wiki") to share with the full BetterInvesting community their best practices on all things related to better investing. Peer review provides an opportunity to build on the ideas of others. <add more here>

The Chapter-sponsored Model Investment Club is, in addition to being a full service investment club, is a training ground for future Chapter volunteers. The club's meeting are open to everyone.

This is a link to one of the Chapter's early initiatives to provide supplemental training resources for our members. The content that is relevant to today's world has been updated and incorporated in this website here.

First Cut is an initiative that has been designed to provide BI members with a list of good quality companies that may warrant further study. The program provides the BI membership with a library of stock studies completed by our members. It is interesting to both learn how others approach a stock study and to compare our judgments to what others are thinking. Click here if you would like to submit a stock study.

The companies listed exhibit quality characteristics that are prized by BetterInvesting members. Common traits include consistent growth of sales and earnings at a rate that is considered to be sufficient for the company size.

* NOTE: Actual scheduling pends completion of special projects to recruit and train instructor volunteers.