Birds need your help: please support these city, state, and federal bills!

Each year, 90,000 - 230,000 birds die in New York, as a result of colliding with glass windows.

Click on the bills below to find out how you can make NYC and beyond safer for birds.

🎉 Thank you for speaking up for birds! On December 10, Int. 1482-B, the bird-friendly materials bill, was passed by the NYC Council, 43-3! Volunteer advocates, thank you for your help! 🎉

🐦 Int. 274, NYC's bill on light pollution, goes hand-in-hand with Int. 1482: please ask your council member to support it. Our lights lure birds into the city, increasing their chances of confusion and collision with glass.

🐦HR 919, the federal bird-friendly glass bill, also needs your support.

🐦Support the Migratory Bird Protection Act with this quick one-click action from the National Audubon Society.🐦

🐦 A6366/S4314 would ban the dangerous chemical methoprene in NY.

🐦A7639/S5816 would help protect both birds and insects by banning several dangerous pesticides in the state of NY.

A2477B/S5343 would have banned chlorpyrifos, a pesticide that hurts both humans and birds, in the state of NY. It passed the Senate and Assembly, but was vetoed by Governor Cuomo.

🐦HR 1137, a federal bill, would control several pesticides that endanger pollinators.

🐦HR 230, the Ban Toxic Pesticides Act of 2019, would ban chlorpyrifos on the national level.

Thank you for helping migratory birds in North America!

Scarlet tanager: By Bmajoros - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,