Thanks to the brilliant researchers James Watson, Francis Crick, Rosalind Franklin, and Morris Wilkins who discovered the DNA structure, the world became somehow more understandable but at the same time much more confusing! Every new information make us ask more and more complicated questions. Humans have a constant desire for knowledge and search of every little detail related to our existence. It seems impossible for such a small molecule to manage every living thing on our planet - from the single cell organisms to mammals. It is somewhat difficult to assume that everything that happens to us is encoded within ourselves - in our DNA, inherited from our parents. Human psychology is very strange - we are more inclined to believe a fortune-teller who will tell us "our destiny" but we won’t believe the molecular biologist who can analyze our genes and help us protect ourselves. I hope that with my work and attention to young people I will be able to change this situation and one day we will no longer see young people who are protesting against GMOs without even knowing what it is. People tend to be very knowledgeable about the work of others and we love to hate our brightest minds, while at the same time we favor the underachievers, who are lying us about their intentions.

I created this site for my students in Genetics and Molecular Biology, but I promise myself to post here my true opinion on biology and I will not let anyone mislead people by frightening them with things he does not understand. I believe in GMO foods as a way to fight global hunger, believe in biotechnology as a way to fight inherited diseases, I believe that every parent has the right to ask his child to be healthy and not suffer from genetic disorders.

We geneticists are not people who are trying to play God, but people who dream about world without diseases, hunger and tears. If you believe in the same values - Welcome to my site!

Respectfully yours,

Dr. Tsvetoslav Koynarski