Molecular biology final test

Dear students,

Please read the following instructions before beginning the test!

1. Please leave any communication device in your bag or on the front desk.

2. The only personal belongings allowed during the test are a pen, student book and a bottle of water.

3. You are not allowed to copy the test by any means.

4. During the test you are not allowed to leave the room for whatever reason. If the situation is urgent you could leave the room but will not be allowed to continue afterwards.

5. The test contains 60 questions and your time is limited to 60 minutes. The evaluation of your test is held by using premade template. Please do not fill anything on the test – mark your answers in the provided form using O or X symbols.

6. The correct answer of each question is only one.

7. Once you finish – put the test, the form and your student book into the provided envelope and leave them on your desk.

Any attempt for cheating is a reason for your disqualification from the exam!

Good luck!