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Update 9/13/2019

9月12日【舊金山焦點】|抗議學區遴選不公 硅谷Milpitas華裔發聲維權|San Francisco Today

Update 9/10/2019

Shouting and Yelling and Harassment at the 9/10 meeting by people who thought nothing wrong with the process and accuse the video being altered without evidences. (BTW, children got scared when attending meeting - a school board meeting)

False claim and misleading about 1-1.5 M needed for special election.

Special election can be avoided by giving the seat back to the real winner.

苗必达市遴选学委 为何引发社区强烈反弹?

密爾比達遴選學委被指程序不公- 世界新聞網 - 世界日報

苗必达任命学委被指不公 居民征签力争特别选举

【MUSD】政治游戏 - 选举舞弊vs花式借钱?一切都做得太漂亮!

【MUSD】跟踪报道 众志成城 十天600票 各大媒体也纷纷发文关注

MUSD BOND Background

UPDATES 3/20/2019

  • Homeless camp won't consider Milpitas site this time but the land might still be a consideration at future risk.

UPDATES 3/3/2019

UPDATES 2/14/2019

  • MILPITAS permanently ban marijuana business city-wide.

Updates 12/19/2018

Updates 12/06

News on 12/1

News Coverage on 11/20

Milpitas may allow 10 cannabis shops to open in 2019, are you ok with that?

  • Read the detail News about Milpitas may allow 10 pot shops to open
  • Final decision making meeting will be held in 11/20/2018 at 7pm in Milpitas city Hall. If you want to make your voice heard, please come to the meeting.

Other cities that Ban pot Sales, if they can, why not Milpitas?