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【Action Now

JOIN City of Milpitas Meeting @ Tuesday Nov 10th 7:50pm

Meeting Agenda (Item 7)

1/ Register to speak at the meeting and get your meeting link:

2/ Join the meeting at 7:50pm

3/ Click "Raise your hand" to speak at Item 7 (not public forum)

Please look at the staff recommendations on Page 109 which is very concerning. Meeting Agenda (Item 7)

"Consider updating local ordinances, regulations, or local laws to reduce barriers to building new shelter and declaring a shelter crisis to facilitate flexible models like tiny homes."

This is a big NO. We need everyone to voice out the suggested talking points:


1. County’s task force suggestion to update local laws to reduce barriers to build new shelters


1. Get Milpitas homeless assessed and put into the county queue. If we don’t do this, homeless encampments in our city will keep growing while county keep sending homeless from other cities.

2. Homeless prevention services

3. Priority slots for Milpitas families in Sango Ct

4. Proactive community engagement

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【More Action Items】

FUND the residents' lawsuit @

SIGN and SHARE the petition @

Distributing flyers (Created by volunteers only) Download & print to your area

Flyer 1

WRITE letter to elected officials to express your concerns

***Milpitas City Council ***

***City Manager***

***County supervisor***

Sign the Petition @

Public Input Needed on Project Homekey in Milpitas

【What’s this about?】

We encourage everyone to sign the petition created by Suraj Viswanathan:

Petition detail:

Project Homekey is a $29 million housing project that seeks to convert an Extended Stay America hotel in Milpitas into 132 apartments for the homeless.

This project is being imposed on the people of Milpitas without their input and without public participation. A project of this size requires full transparency on the part of elected officials. It requires public hearings and the full involvement of local residents who will be impacted by this project.

While we all sympathize with the needs of our homeless brothers and sisters, we have grave concerns about the impact of this project on the local community and adjacent neighborhoods and think it requires more study. We are concerned about relocating individuals from outside our city here. We are concerned about those with criminal records or drug use. We are concerned that homeless Milpitas families who work and study here are not getting any priority. We are concerned about the potential drain on public services and loss of hotel tax revenue at a time of falling city revenues.

The City of Milpitas and its residents must have a say in this matter. Adding potentially 264 new people to the area without a vetting process or even a discussion about the issue defies the principle of representative government.

Do the math:

80M fund + 1.5M operation fund per year X 55 years = 162.5 Millions / 132 rooms = 1.23M per room

What can be done with 1.23M per room (1-2 unhouse people) other than a hotel studio?

1.23 M per room / 300 sq = $4,100/sq

Government is paying $4,100/sq our hard earned tax money to convert this hotel, if you own a house for example 1200 sq = 4.92M, we all should sell our house to CA government and move. Who's getting the money now?

SEND public comment to Project HomeKey (County) before Oct 25


Santa Clara County has published a public notice seeking comments on the Homekey Hillview project. It is actually a $80M project, not 29.2M in the nes! On top of that 1.5M would be spend for operation each year and for 55 years.

Referral Links

Detail information regarding city meeting item 15 End Homeless Project (Jump to page 502-531)

City memo regarding to Milpitas HomeKey Aug 25

Developer information


Santa Clara County has published a public notice seeking comments on the Homekey Hillview project. It is actually a $80M project!

Other article references:

Milpitas Beat Nov 9: Milpitas residents & local leaders march in support of unhoused community

Where newly re-elect council member Anthony Phan said:" This issue has never been about community input. It’s never been about safety, or crime, or land use. It’s about doing the moral thing." Opinion, what does he mean?

As long as you do what he considers the moral thing (whatever that means) it’s OKAY if children get hurt?The health and safety of the community gets trampled on?Our city lose $24M in tax revenue?

Milpitas Beat Nov 3: Milpitas City Council votes to stop lawsuit against homeless housing project

Milpitas Beat Nov 2: Milpitas residents hire law firm to push back against homeless housing project

Milpitas Beat Oct 28: Milpitas City Council faces sharp criticism from Governor and Law Foundation over planned Homekey lawsuit

The Mercury News: Milpitas City Council pushing Santa Clara County to halt homeless housing project

Milpitas Beat Oct 16: Milpitas City Council opposes homeless housing project at local hotel

San Jose Inside Oct 16: Milpitas City Council Asks Santa Clara County to Withdraw Plans for Homeless Housing Project

Milpitas Beat Oct 13: Viswanathan accuses Milpitas officials of “lack of transparency” regarding Project Homekey

Milpitas Beat Oct 8: Suraj Viswanathan launches petition on Project HomeKey

Milpitas Beat Oct 7: Milpitas to explore litigation against State, County over hotel conversion project for homeless housing

San Jose Inside: Project HomeKey to Flip Milpitas Motel into Long-Term Housing

San Jose Spotlight: Santa Clara County seeks funds to buy hotels to house homeless

City application was submitted for Project Homekey and the qualifications for Milpitas to be accepted into the program. The letter is addressed to the City manger and our city council.

NBC Bay Area: Millions to be Spent to Convert Bay Area Hotels Into Permanent Housing for Homeless

County of Santa Clara, County News: County of Santa Clara Awarded $29.2M in State “Homekey” Funding for New Affordable Housing