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Residents' Demands For MUSD Board

  1. Special meeting. Board need to officially address this item for a special meeting within 15 days to avoid costly special election deadline Oct 13.
  2. Independent investigation. Board need to have independent investigation on whoever modified the result. Give the public a detail report.
  3. Deep investigation. In the independent investigation, not only the appointment need to be reviewed, but also all related contracts, emails, texts, documents, any discussion from the one who modified result should be reviewed as well and report to public for transparency. He/She need to stop and hand over current work until investigation finish.
  4. Solutions. Board need to provide solutions to fix this problem soon. We demand for straight, effective, and cost less solution. Also in the future, how to prevent this problem happen again.
  5. Video transparency. Our sister school district FREMONT district put every meeting video online. MUSD need to put all the meeting video online within 48 hours. No more hiding.


If anyone of you didn’t manage to speak or come, please write to the school board and demand for an independent investigation on this issue. This is clear something wrong. The school board is accountable for the people not the administration, unions or even the teachers. The special election is in their hands before Oct 13. We urge accountability NOW!!!