We are volunteer groups. Current funds we have is from donation. Most usage is for print, advertisement, order signs etc. to mobile people.

Donations for Milpitas anti-Marijuana Shop (关于MILPITAS反麻捐款):

We have volunteer helping with booking, you can ask for status anytime.

If you'd like to help financially, please contact us.

We will really appreciate for your great help!

We also have gofundme but remember this charges fee and also every 30-40 days we then get the amount, so better use paypal than gofundme. 请注意:捐款, 该网站要收费,而且每30-45天该网站才会转一次捐款到我们的账户。 上面捐款不会直接到我们义工这里, 所以那边CHIP IN 不需要。 CHip in at the end of does not directly come to us, so it's not required to chip in after you sign the petition.

现在又要印新的flyers for Dec19市议会。 收支出现赤字啦, 真的很需要你的捐助!🙏🙏🙏如果12/19或1/15 紧急禁止令没有通过,我们需要请律师,费用在$2000-5000之间。 大家帮忙捐杯咖啡钱, TSHIRT钱, YARD SIGN 钱 都OK! 10刀不算小, 500不算大。 有钱出钱有力出力!