Long Form Group

A subgroup of BWG is its Long Form Critique Group designed for writers of longer, book-length works. Only current BWG members may participate. For more information on BWG membership, please use the Joining BWG tab above.

The Long Form Critique Group meets as needed to help authors revise and refine their longer works, e.g. a complete novel draft. Meetings are intense, with the goal of helping each author refine their work to a publishable level.

Potential members must be ready to share and critique book-length works of fiction or non-fiction of any genre and must commit time and effort to the group outside of meetings. Members of the Long Form Critique Group are required to attend meetings regularly and give help to others if they expect to request help in return. They will read and review the work prior to the meeting, then the group will discuss the work in detail and answer questions from the author about the critiques.

For further information, write to us through the Contact Us link.