Welcome to the

Bethlehem Writers Group, LLC

Congratulations to the

2022 Short Story Award winners!

First Place

Eleanor Ingbretson, Pike, NH

for her story "The Tabac Man" which will appear in the forthcoming anthology,

An Element of Mystery: Sweet, Funny, and Strange Tales of Intrigue

Second Place

Steve Shrott, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

for his story "Money, Truth, and Lies"

Third Place

Ellen Kazimer, Evans, GA

for her story "For the Love of Dottie"

Information on the 2023 Short Story Award competition will be available soon!

Our newest award-winning "Sweet, Funny, and Strange"® Anthology!

The award-winning "Sweet, Funny, and Strange" series of anthologies from the Bethlehem Writers Group, continues with this collection of twenty-five tales about real, legendary, or imaginary animals. From snakes to ducks to unicorns, there are tales here to match any mood, provide a chuckle, or warm a heart.

Among our tales, Peter Barbour recounts a legend in “Why Bats Live in Caves,” Jerome W. McFadden asks the question of what animal to choose to be in “Recycled,” A. E. Decker shares an appreciation of cephalopods in “Tipping Point,” Ralph Hieb imagines an unconventional pet in “Buttons,” and Diane Sismour, in “Critter,” reveals that mules are not the only equines that can have a stubborn streak. In addition, we are happy to present the winning stories from the 2019 and 2020 Bethlehem Writers Roundtable Short Story Awards. Angela Albertson, our 2019 winner, shares her heartfelt “Oranges and Roses,” and our 2020 winner, Brett Wolff, gives us a good laugh in ”Hubbard Had a Fancy Bra.”

This eclectic assemblage of stories includes terrific tales from beloved BWG authors including Courtney Annicchiarico, Jeff Baird, Jodi Bogert, Marianne H. Donley, DT Krippene, Emily P. W. Murphy, Christopher D. Ochs, Dianna Sinovic, Kidd Wadsworth, Paul Weidknecht, Carol L. Wright, and Will Wright.

So cuddle up with your favorite pet—real or imaginary. No matter. You’ll find just the right story to share.