Our Patriots

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The above is a deployment ceremony that Washington Elm Society C.A.R. participated in at Fraunces Tavern in 2006. The society put on a skit, per the request of the liaison, of the reenactment of George Washington's Farewell Address which was given at Fraunces Tavern.

Performers were parents of the Washington Elm Society C.A.R. members.

Photos taken by the regent's son who was a member of Washington Elm Society C.A.R.

Over 230 years ago, American patriots sacrificed their lives and fortunes for the freedoms we enjoy today. These patriots aided the cause of American independence through military, civil, or patriotic service.

We honor their legacy through our membership in the Bergen-Paulus Hook Chapter National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.

Each patriot is listed with their state, type of service, and spouse.

Our Patriots Washington Elm Society


  • PS - Patriotic Service
  • Col - Colonel
  • Lt - Lieutenant
  • CS - Civil Service
  • Sgt - Sargeant
  • Mil - Militia
  • Sol - Soldier
  • Pvt - Private
  • Chap - Chaplain

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