About Us

Our History

The Belmont Religious Council was founded in April, 1954 as an organization of the various faith communities that serve Belmont. Its purpose is "to enhance the spirit of unity through fellowship, to develop understanding and appreciation for the various religious faiths represented and to exert a positive influence in the social and moral life of the Belmont community."

By promoting interfaith dialogue and cooperation, the Council can also help enable Belmont's faith communities to pursue important goals generally not attainable by a single congregation.


The Belmont Religious Council (BRC) is the interfaith council for the town of Belmont, Massachusetts. Membership is open to any faith community located in Belmont.

The current list of participating faith communities includes:

Each congregation appoints two representatives to the Belmont Religious Council. The representatives can either be lay leaders or members of the clergy.

Executive Committee

The BRC is governed by delegates from each member organization, and an executive committee, chosen by the delegates at the BRC's annual meeting. The executive committee meets regularly to plan BRC activities and events.


Jennifer Hoyda, Baha'i Faith Community

Vice President

Rev. Eric Wefald, Payson Park Church


Farah Abbas, Belmont Muslim Friends


Janet Sand, Beth El Temple

Past Presidents

Rev. Joe Zarro, Plymouth Congregational Church

Doug John, Latter Day Saints

Rabbi Jonathan Kraus, Beth El Temple Center