Belmont For Racial Healing

Together with the Belmont Human Rights Commission, Belmont Religious Council welcomes you to join in this most important issue of Racial Healing.

Starting in Feb of 2021, we are conducting a pilot series of nine weekly meetings to learn about and to discuss racism and racial bias. Designed to provide information on multiple topics related to race relations and to offer a safe place to share personal experiences regarding racism in a diverse environment.


Explore your own experiences of racism or prejudice in a supportive, non-confrontational environment. Unlearn the out-of-date stereotypes that still affect our words and behavior so that we can all share the richness of the diversity in our community.

Please contact us at to ask any questions and sign up for the next series invitation list.

TOPICS: overview of the nine-week sessions

1. Introduction: defining prejudice and racism

2. How racism is perpetuated: early childhood experiences, misinformation and separation

3. Individual racism / prejudice

4. Internalized racism: when the anger, hurt and frustration turn inward

5. Stereotypes and how they affect us

6. Institutionalized racism: it’s in the systems that affect us daily: the media, justice system, educational system, health care, economics

7. The oneness of humanity: achieving unity and preserving diversity

8. Ally building as a way to heal: an individual commitment

9. Networking: working in groups toward a solution