Donna Meehan

Experience the healing power of

Rosen Method Bodywork

The Rosen Method releases stored muscle tension with gentle touch and internal sensing.

Old patterns melt with targeted nurturing.

Rosen work brought ease to my body & soul. I believe it can do the same for you. Let me tell you how.

About Me

I have been a licensed Rosen Method Practitioner since 1999.

My practice is now located in Mt. Shasta, California.

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Connecting with Aliveness

The profound connection that happens with other beings when touching and being touched as deeply as I have experienced in Rosen Method has opened me to a universe within myself that I had no idea ever existed. Within the universe is a resonance that deeply connects me with other people. This connection is the meaning I have spent my life looking for. Rosen Method is my souls work, bringing the gift of aliveness into my body, into my life.

It is often after uncovering the most painful places within my self that something opens inside of me in a way that I have never felt or experienced before. I know this is a part of me that had to close to stay safe. As these long lost pieces of myself come back to me I feel a warmth and kindness towards myself, a deep love. Suddenly the world makes sense and I feel grateful to be alive.

I have come to know that all I search for in the outside world is really waiting to be opened inside myself, waiting to come fourth into the world. From the start I could feel the invitation in the Rosen touch inviting me to come out and dare to live.

While practicing Rosen Method I am continually humbled and inspired by the resiliency in human nature. I have learned to listen and follow the client, holding a space that invites an internal process of awakening. Witnessing as clients open to their truth. Being with whatever arises. Feeling their bodies come alive under my hands as the truth emerges is sacred.

Knowing an ease in my body like I have never felt before, I cannot fathom the richness that lies ahead as this work reaches deeper and deeper into me, into my heart, into my soul into the very core of my being. I feel Rosen Method to be a true path of awakening!

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Phone/text: 510.524.3778


I would love to tell you more about what Rosen bodywork can do for you, and give you details about fees, scheduling, and my practice in Mt. Shasta, California and online.