Discover Rosen Method


  • The natural breath finds freedom

  • Often pain disappears

  • A deeper awareness of self develops

  • People feel happier

  • People feel more connected with self and others

  • Meditation deepens

  • Wholeness, acceptance of the whole self

  • Life gets easier

Muscle tension holds old memories and feelings that were too much to experience at the time.
These muscles soften when the feelings come back into consciousness and it feels safe to experience them. Your Rosen practitioner connects with your muscle tension externally, and supports you in connecting with it internally where it can truly release.

When we surrender to our truth the body comes alive.
The diaphragm lets go and the body breathes more freely. This process creates an energized space in which life can happen in a new way. These spontaneous inner movements revitalize the involuntary systems of the body creating a feeling of well being and aliveness!

Rosen session happens on a massage table.
A Rosen practitioner is trained to gently touch tense muscles in a way that helps the recipient sense the tension and any thoughts or feelings associated with the tension pattern. Along with being touched there is talking in which what comes up is explored. Aspects of the self which perhaps have not been seen or heard before are listened to deeply. This focused awareness helps old involuntary holding patterns to release.

The Rosen Method works with pain: physical, emotional and repressed pain.
The practitioner can visit these tender places with the client. The pain can be touched and listened to, allowing the client to relax. Often the pain dissolves. The whole universe within can be accessed through the gentle touch of Rosen Method Bodywork.

Rosen Method is a creative process with many possibilities.
Each client has their own experience. Clients becomes more aware of their personal truth. The capacity to feel ones feelings more deeply grows. Clients become more embodied, feeling their inner sensations, experiencing the inner workings of the body as a resource, a place of rest. The body becomes a portal to a deep knowing, a place of intimacy with the self which can be trusted. Rosen touch can reach into the core of our being, inviting us to come out to live more fully.