Being Embodied

Would you like to relax old tension patterns quickly?

Would you like to release repressed emotions that weigh you down and drain your energy?

Would you like to do it without medication and without leaving home?


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Phone/text: 510.524.3778


I would love to tell you more about what Being Embodied can do for you, and give you details about fees, scheduling, and zoom arrangements.


Your Being Embodied zoom session shows you how to release blockages that hold you back. You will learn to allow emotions to flow through you instead of hardening to block them. You will find new aliveness in your body once you develop the capacity to have your emotions in an embodied way!


When repressed emotions move through us and out of our system, there is a letting go. There is openness to new possibilities and new ways of experiencing the world and ourselves. More clarity emerges. The feeling is the healing. It can feel overwhelming when they are released. They are often memories and feelings that overwhelmed us at earlier times in life. Perhaps even in childhood. But now we may be ready to allow them to emerge and integrate them. Experiencing our emotions creates a safe home for our being in our body. When our emotions are grounded in our inner awareness, they become creative life forces instead of destructive. They guide us into well being.


With guided hands-on exploration, you will connect with your core through your spine. You will use curiosity to connect with your core through your spine. You will learn to use micro-movements to connect with your inner being. Coming home to the body is your most valuable resource. You will trust in your connection