MSc Behavioural Science for Management


Looking to become one of the next generation of business leaders? Redefine your future by studying our Masters in Behavioural Science for Management.

This course draws on the expertise of our globally recognised academic staff in the University of Stirling’s Behavioural Science Centre – the only behavioural economics group in Scotland. It’s a research hub which enables economics, psychology, management and policy-design to be integrated into the course.

You’ll explore the core theory and methods of behavioural science and behavioural economics, and how these can be applied to business and policy-relevant issues and critical problems in the business world. Graduates with these relevant behavioural science skills are highly valued in management roles.

What is Behavioural Science?

Behavioural Science seeks to answer key questions about how people behave and what influences the decisions they make, for example:

  • What determines whether people are impulsive, take risks, or cooperate?

  • What factors influence behaviour change?

Behavioural Science experts seek to develop solutions to crucial economic, political commercial and social challenges, such as:

  • How can we increase the efficient use of energy?

  • How can pension savings rates be increased?

  • How can randomised controlled trials be used to test and evaluate public policy?

  • How do we ensure consumers find value and make purchases they are satisfied with?

Learn from the experts

You’ll benefit from the vibrant research community within our Behavioural Science Centre, where there’s a regular programme of visiting speakers, leading academics, and policy and industry professionals. There’s also the opportunity work closely with course staff who have specialist knowledge in judgement and decision-making along with experience in the application of behavioural science to an extensive set of areas including physical and mental health, education, the environment, and the economy.