Training and capacity building

The Behavioural Science Centre can assist with design, implementation and evaluation of behavioural interventions and general capacity building as well as larger research projects. An overview of what the Centre can offer your organisation is provided below. If you want to know more about what we can offer or make an inquiry, contact Centre Director Dr. Conny Wollbrant

How is Behavioural Science applied to business and policy priorities?

Behavioural Scientists now work with a number of frameworks to systematically apply behavioural science to business and policy priorities. To be effective, the development process combines expertise specific to the business of policy area and behavioural science expertise. It is important that both areas of expertise are available throughout the development process to ensure relevance and effectiveness of proposed interventions and innovations.

How do Behavioural Scientists build evidence-based interventions?

Behavioural Scientists use field trials to identify what works and the best way to implement an intervention. Field trials are based on experimental methodology and ensures that observed effects are due only to the intervention and to scale these up.

Examples of what can the Behavioural Science Centre offer

  • We offer half-day Behavioural Challenge workshops designed to address specific challenges that an organisation has identified.

  • We offer Trial Development Seminars designed either on a bespoke basis to suit business or policy needs or on a generalist basis to build stakeholder capacity.

  • We assist in developing behavioural intervention proposals.

  • Advanced Training in particular aspects of Behavioural Science or intervention development (e.g., Psychology of Decision Making, Policy Evaluation Methods)

  • Research projects that require expertise in behavioural science and its application over a sustained period