Local Resources

Colorado State Beekeepers Association THE go to site for information about beekeeping in Colorado, events, classes, local beekeeping clubs, bee related businesses, bee forage, legislation, how to report a suspected pesticide kill. Annual Summer and Winter meetings are not to be missed!

Mile Hive Bee Club Denver, CO, Meets monthly with speakers and discussions of seasonal topics. The best bee club in Colorado! (I'm President)

Bees and Supplies - Local

Highland Bees Longmont, CO, Artisanal Boulder County honey, package bees, nucs, queens

Prairie Wind Bee Supply, Cheyenne, WY, Package bees and nucs, Italian or Carniolan

To Bee or not to Bee Littleton, CO, Full line of beekeeping supplies, package bees, nucs, queens, monthly round-table duscussion. Great resource!

CoPoCo Fort Collins, CO, Full line of beekeeping supplies, package bees, nucs queens

Harlequin's Gardens Boulder, CO, Basic beekeeping supplies, best selection of pesticide free Colorado native and adapted plants anywhere. Start your pollinator garden here.

Dakota Bees Beekeeping supplies for honey bees, mason, and leafcutter bees.

Supplies- Not Local

Mann Lake Large supplier of beekeeping supplies.

Reliable Evidence-Based Information

Scientific Beekeeping Randy Oliver's site documenting and discussing his scientific research on practical beekeeping issues, also writes for ABJ

USDA Disease Testing Free testing for AFB, EFB, Nosema, chalkbrood, varroa

USDA Bee Labs Your tax dollars at work.

University Bee Labs (Colorado does not have a bee lab. Time to change that?)

Trade Journals

American Bee Journal Informative monthly trade journal

Bee Culture The other informative monthly trade journal, slightly more casual

Bee Craft Magazine The informed voice of British beekeeping

National Associations

Western Apicultural Society Annual meeting somewhere in the west featuring many speakers, workshops, vendors

American Beekeeping Federation Addresses beekeeping issues on a national scale, webinars, lobbying, hosts annual meeting, often with American Bee Research Conference

American Honey Producers Assn. Similar to ABF, but geared more toward honey production, lobbying, annual meeting sometimes combined with ABF

National Honey Board Firestone, CO, Promotes honey in general, marketing, recipes

International Bee Research Assn. Wales, Established by Eva Crane, promotes the value of bees by providing information on bee science and beekeeping worldwide, several journals including Bee World, Journal of Apicultural Research, Journal of ApiProduct and ApiMedical Science

Bees for Development Promotes sustainable beekeeping as a means of alleviating poverty and promoting biodiversity

Bee Health

DriftWatch Registry for hives, specialty crops to communicate and coordinate pesticide applications.

Bee Informed Partnership Large national surveys of colony losses

Honey Bee Health Coalition Addresses specific issues confronting honey bees.

Tools for Varroa Management downloadable pdf

Incident Reporting Guide for suspected pesticide kills

Non-Apis, Native Bees

Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation Major pollinator conservation campaign, great information and publications including regional guides for planting for pollinators.

Crown Bees Mason and leafcutter bee information, clean culture rearing supplies and bees responsibly matched to locality.

Dakota Bees LOCAL (Denver metro) mason and leafcutter bees and rearing supplies.