Fight the Mite

Varroa Management

These are two hour classes and will be taught at my house in S. Boulder. The class size limit is 15 students. The cost will be $40/class. To register, just email me. If there are fewer than 4 students registered, then the class may be cancelled. If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

SPECIAL OFFER! If you are within a 2 mile flight radius of my bees (see map below), you can attend for FREE! This is how concerned I am about varroa's effect on honey bee health and the importance of a neighborhood approach to managing it! Please let me know if you're coming.

Before you can keep bees (alive) you have to have a varroa management plan! The varroa/virus complex is the #1 cause of colony death!

>Varroa biology

>Varroa as a vector of bee viruses

>What varroa does to bees

>>>This is CCD!

>Your responsibilities

>Ways of testing for varroa

>Treatment options - IPM, organic, synthetic

>Myths and realities of varroa resistance

mid and late summer dates TBD

How many mites can you see in this photo?

After an alcohol wash of those same bees.

192 MITES!

This colony collapsed one week later