Mentoring and support for bees and their keepers

Longmont, CO

Do you wish your bees would just Beehave?

Do they wish the same of you?

I offer professional one-on-one hands-on mentoring and consulting services for you and your bees in your bee yard. There is a lot to learn right up front and there’s a huge gap between even the best books, websites, and classes and that box of 40,000 stinging insects in your backyard. Beekeeping is NOT for dummies!

Over 40 years ago I opened my first beehive and I was hooked. Since then I attained a Master’s in honey bee behavior and genetics, worked for the USDA in Texas and Mexico on Africanized bees, varroa and tracheal mite research and for Kentucky and Washington State Universities on bee diseases. I’ve provided guidance to subsistence level beekeepers in rural Brazil and had my own combination mason bee honey bee pollination business in Washington. I manage about 15 of ny own hives in Boulder County for honey production, fun, and education.

I’m a founder and past president of the Mile Hive Bee Club in Denver, past President of the Boulder County Beekeepers Association, an adviser on the board of the Colorado State Beekeepers Association, and serve as the beekeeper representative on the CO Dept of Agriculture Pesticide Advisory Committee.

A few of the things I can help you with:

  • hive inspection, getting comfortable with your bees

  • bee biology, pheromones, nutrition, development

  • swarm prevention, splits, requeening, queen marking

  • disease and parasite recognition and control

  • overwintering, seasonal management

  • lighting a smoker.

I look forward to working with you and your bees!