Finance, which leg are you standing on?

What is your responsibility?

Why be sad? I can show you many different ways on how to get out of debt, the Ramsey way. The religious way. This planning I will do for free because debt sucks! it really does. Find peace of mind, not an Indiana Jones moment of being chased by a boulder by being indebted to someone else. Ask me how much people pay on average in interest and loans?

Snow ball method?

Religious Way?

What are you putting away for a terrible unforeseen incident?

Savings is cash available now. Car Repairs, lose of a job, natural disaster. When you have money in the bank its motivating to save more. When you were a kid and you put money in a jar or piggy bank. When picking it up, how heavy it was; when shaking it and heard the noise it made you happy.

Where do you bank?

Golden rule of saving?

50-30-20 Strategy?

Investing for retirement, will you have enough?

What are you doing to invest for retirement? I can tell you that you are not fine if you are just doing a 401k, Roth IRA, it will help but it probably wont be enough.

I am grateful that I am learning about this now when I am young but Finance isn't talked about much at home or in school. So what do we do? We need to talk about it.

Do you try to emulate someones investment portfolio?

90/10 strategy of Warren Buffet?

I am here for you, for the long journey of life. This is a one stop, get to know me and I will get to know you. If you don't like me, nothing lost but free knowledge to gain and a relationship that will last a life time. What is the risk? That I help you to become wealthy in the sense that you have a peace of mind, that you will be happy. Talk to me about finances and I can promise you that I can help you feel at ease from your situation and if I can't I will direct you to someone who can.