How to become a "Titan" of your Finances.

Made his money in shipping. Steam boats and railroads were his main focus to do so. He mentored Andrew Carnegie with steam boats and railroads. His $200 Billion dollars only lasted 5 to 6 generations. What did you learn from this article? What are some of your good habits?

Banking Dynasty Family, started building wealth in the 1700s. The Rothschild Family today is worth $550 Billion dollars and growing. What did you learn from this article?

Its interesting to note that they do business with family even though the saying goes never do business with family, why? How were they able to separate family and business?

Sold his steel mill to JP Morgan which helped create the first billion dollar company US Steel. He gave most of his wealth away to build libraries.

What are your goals and aspirations? Do you believe in them enough to make them a reality?

Creator of standard oil, which would be broken up into 30 other companies like exon mobile, chevron, bp, etc. His family today is worth $ 10 Billion Dollars today.

John D. Rockefeller is in my opinion of the most researched entrepreneurs in the united states. his wealth will last for centuries more and his prosperity will have many opportunities because of him. Would you like to do this?

Creator of J.P Morgan bank, which has now merged with chase. Helped bail out the government twice. His family net worth is unknown but still wealthy.

Would you like to be wealthy? Be able to pass on wealth to other generations? I know I would like that and am trying to do that now, would you like to join me on this journey?