What Is Your Reality?

What do you want out of your life? what do you want from 2020? In 5 years? 10 years? 20 Years?

I got an idea... try this? Go to a free collage maker online. I have one here from adobe.

Make a picture of your goals for 2019 and add long term goals. Post this on @BecomingOldMoney on Facebook. Invite friends, family, colleges. America Start shooting for the stars again, all it takes is one. Will you be that one? Post this on your page and challenge others to do this. Make people ask what that collage is of, make them guess.

What are your ideas? This world has many people with ideas on how to improve life for the better. So, what are you waiting for? Be the next Einstein, Edison, Tesla; change the world. Innovation can still happen today.

What do you think is the difference between those inventors mentioned above and you?

Absolutely nothing... now, let that sink in for a little bit. As it sunk in yet? Nope, neither for me. They Imagined, they planned, and they executed. We imagine... We may plan... We don't execute said plan. That is the only difference. We are TERRIFIED of Failure!!!! They saw it as a challenge. So, are you ready to challenge the norm? What happened to the world on the race to be the first man to the moon?

Find those visionary inventors and turn it into a business. Be the next J.P. Morgan with GE, or US Steel. Be the next John Rockefeller with kerosene or crude oil.

The Fact is we all have one amazing Idea in our life time.

Scientist argue that we has humans have anywhere from 12,000 - 70,000 thoughts per day, 360,000 - 2,100,000 thoughts per month, 4,380,000 - 25,550,000 thoughts per year. But funny thing is that Science again says that no one has an original thought. Weird? instead we are all part of a collective mind.

Meaning, we all have brilliant ideas but we get shoot down or shoot ourselves down. You are a Genius, start imagining, stop being terrified, stop being negative. This world can still advance, do you want it to?

What is your Reality? Tell me about your world, what you want out of it. What is your story? Beginning? Present? Future? What would you like to leave behind?

Follow the steps below...

First step, Did you create your story board or collage? No, click on the arrow for what is your story not the link... well it will take you to the same place. Second step share it with someone who loves you and wants to hear your goals and dreams. If you keep talking yourself down, well, I care. So, no excuses, third step post it on the becoming old money facebook page because I want to know. Whatever it is... so do it? #CollageYourDreams, #DreamsWritten=Goals. This will create a unity in any relationship people want to inspire want to imagine, so just try it, and challenge others to do the same. This will start you on your journey to becoming old money. Are you single? Married? Have someone special? or just that into yourself? Money is a big relationship topic, people always fight about money. So stop it, and start talking, this can all be avoided when you start the conversation.

And who knows the best collages may show up on this page... So, make them look good please, put some effort into this, who knows you might have some fun.