Becoming Professional

What is this portfolio for?

We, Esma, Rafael and Pauline are attending the seminar "Becoming Professional" in which we learn about using modern media in our future job as a teacher. A part of the seminar will be our study week which we will spend in either Barcelona, Boras or Newcastle.

21 years old

studying secondary education

subjects: English and Arts

25 years old

studying secondary education

subjects: English and Technology

21 years old

studying secondary education

subjects: English and Home Economics


Getting started!

Today is the first day of the seminar and we are creating our e-portfolio to reflect together on what we are doing. Today is also the day we are getting to know each other and today is Esma's 21th birthday.


Discussing aspects concerning being a future (English) teacher in Baden-Württemberg


Catching up!

Today we met in the PH-Cafeteria to catch up with some deadlines we missed so far, and to get this portfolio in shape.


Online coaching: check! ✔

We just did the online coaching with Ms Oesterle. Now we know what to do until next time. We were also very glad to hear that all three of us are able to go to our favoured destination for the study week! 💪


The third seminar day

Yesterday we met Richard Baldwin. He is a Lecturer at the University of Boras, Sweden. Even though none of us is planning to go to Sweden, we might still get in touch with some swedish students during our study week. Furthermore, we reflected on the texts we had prepared for the seminar and watched a video about Lucy Crehan.

The day got even better when Esma and Pauline found out that they are starting their internship at the same school on monday. 🎉

in case you forgot where our seminar takes place 🙃

The Finding a research project topic - Interactive tutorial #3

In order to find a research topic, we created this Mindmap to gather ideas:

How can mobile devices / apps be used efficiently in the EFL classroom?

Specifiying our research topic

Insitution: PH Karlsruhe, Germany

Topic: How can mobile devices / apps be used efficiently in the EFL classroom?

Who: Rafael Meier, Esma Celik, Pauline Becker

When: Until July, 13th

How: Interviewing several teachers on their use of smart devices

Why: "Schools reflect society, and there is no turning back from the digital age." - Johnson 2011

Working very hard on our project, and there is of course plenty of time to take a selfie

👩🏻‍💻 👨🏻‍💻 👩🏻‍💻 🤳🏻

We decided on which research question we are going to investigate and also what kind of approach we're going to take.


Catching up - again!

Today we met to work on our project - we will do a small series of a podcast in which we will talk about the use of learning apps in the classroom. We also talked about that topic to different teachers in England, Spain and Germany - let's see what they think about those apps!