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Not sure which course is right for you? Let us paddle you in the right direction! Take a look at the course descriptions below or contact us for more information . If you do not see what you are looking for we can probably offer it.

  • RCABC Level 1 and 2 Basic Tandem and Solo Canoe or RCABC Basic Stand Up Paddleboarding. Novice paddler wanting to learn basic skills, knowledge and maneuvers.

  • RCABC Tripping Paddler, Paddle Canada SUP Touring Level 1, Paddle Canada Intro to Canoe Tripping: High School Outdoor Programs, Youth Programs and Orgnizations, Paddlers wanting to learn more about tripping, Outdoor or School teachers wishing to develop their skills to become leaders wanting an introduction to all there is to know about going on wilderness lake trips.

  • RCABC Lakewater Leader - Teacher, Camp Staff or Leaders looking for basic training to manage groups in a very sheltered, safe environment, close to emergency medical services.

  • RCABC Lakewater Instructor Level 1 or RCABC Stand Up Lakewater Instructor Level 1: Teachers, youth leaders, and outdoor program instructors who already hold their RCABC Lakewater Level 1 and 2, have paddling experience, and want to teach and certify Lakewater Level 1 and 2. Contact for prerequisites.

  • RCABC Tripping Leader: Teachers, Canoeing guides, Outdoor program leaders, Canoe club trip leaders. Youth camp or youth organization staff, Recreational canoe trippers who want to take their skills to the next level, Lakewater Instructors wishing to become RCABC Canoe Tripping Instructors looking to build sufficient skills and confidence to become the leader of a group doing a multi day wilderness trip. Contact for prerequisites.

  • Paddle Canada Camping Instructor: Teachers, Canoeing guides, Outdoor program leaders, Canoe club trip leaders. Youth camp or youth organization staff who wish to be capable of teaching the skills and knowledge required for weekend canoeing trips. Upon successful completion can teach Paddle Canada's Introduction to Canoe Tripping skills courses.

  • RCABC Lakewater Instructor Level 2: This certificate enables successful candidates to teach and certify RCABC Lakewater Levels 1-4, Level 2 instructors have shown that they have learned advanced skills. RCABC Lakewater Instructor level 2 certification is also the stepping stone to becoming an instructor in other RCABC disciplines such as Moving Water, Tripping, Ocean, etc.

  • We can also offer all Paddle Canada and RCABC Lakewater, Moving Water, Ocean, and Tripping courses from paddler to Advanced Instructor Levels. Contact us at for more information.