The BC First Responder Resiliency Program (FFRP) is a peer-based program that has demonstrated clinically and statistically significant outcomes on standardized measures of depression, trauma symptomology, social and occupational functioning and personal well-being that are durable at six months of post program completion. 

The program is an evidence-informed model developed through a collaboration between First Responder participants, the BC Professional Fire Fighters Association and Dr. Duncan Shields and Dr. David Kuhl from The Blueprint at UBC's Faculty of Medicine.  It is designed to complement existing workplace and private mental health programs for First Responders.

The program was developed to help First Responders maintain or regain their resilience and well being during the routine exposure to operational stressors in their work. The 3.5 day residential program brings together 8 First Responder participants, with professional facilitators and 2 team lead First Responders who have completed the program for an intensive 34 hours of self-exploration and skill development for those looking to strengthen their operational stress competence and capacity at any stage of their career.


BC First Responder Resiliency Program Promo - July 6, 2017

initial data - 2023

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Clinician/Facilitator BIOs and Founding Member

Dr. Duncan Shields

Dr. David Kuhl

      Dr. Kevin Lutz

Tony Spiess Founding Member

Steve Farina Founding Member

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