Bashore For Ohio

Austin Bashore is running as a write-in candidate for Ohio House of Representatives District 75. Austin is a staunch civil rights activist with groups that represent LGBTQ+ Rights, Immigrant Rights, and minority rights.

We, the youth, are angry.

We gave power to a president who destroys this country and to politicians who are parasitic on our democracy. Corporations eat our overtime and accumulate wealth on our behalves. American politics have turned into an endless cartel of vested interests. Our future is within our hands! We have, in the United States, an imperial power structure built on the propriety of bipartisanship with a greedy pursuit of profits. We oppose the collusion of imperial interests, the threat of war, the monopoly of capital interests, and indiscriminate destruction of the environment.

10 Point Plan for State Representative

Austin Bashore's ambitious plan has 10 points that include:

  • Green Energy is the Future
  • Make a Job, House, Healthcare, and Education Constitutional Rights in the Ohio Constitution
  • End Racism and Mass Incarceration
  • Equality for Women
  • Full Equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer People
  • Defend Our Unions
  • Grassroots Democracy
  • Youth Rights
  • Education Reform
  • Peace and Freedom

More information on each plan can be viewed on the Platform page.

Austin Bashore is a lifelong leftist. He has, since his high school days, stood up for people at risk by society. From August 2017 until June 2018, he studied, worked, and volunteered in Asan, Republic of Korea. During his time in the Republic of Korea, he got to work with the Green Party Korea in local activism and electoral politics. There, he learned about Korean Unification, sexual minorities in Korea, the dangers of unregulated economies, anti-war activism, and international solidarity. He helped as the Green Party Korea went from a party disbanded by the government in 2012 for failing to get enough votes to coming 4th (of 10) in Seoul for the 2018 Mayor Election.

Austin (second from the left, gray bookbag) joins the Green Party Korea in a picketing outside busy Seoul station.
Austin and Green Party candidate for Seoul Mayor Shin Jiye. She came in fourth place out of ten.
Austin and Green Party Korea member from Suwon in Gwangwamun for the annual commemoration of the Sewol Ferry Disaster. April 14, 2018.
Austin joins the Korean Greens again. This time at a picket during a women's rights event on International Women's Day. The sign reads "Politics, now women's play!" March 8, 2018.