Barbara Brady "has a story to tell, in 'Father, Daughter and Holy Toast.' Her heart belongs to Daddy, as the song says, and she paints a vivid portrait of her aging, ailing father. Brady nicely uses ordinary details — the ritual of making toast, cleaning out Mom’s video cabinet — to illustrate the challenges and love that come through taking care of an elderly parent. And she raises interesting questions of faith and respect — while also providing tragicomic moments to keep the mood light. It’s her first solo show... and it’s a solid one."

~Matt Palm, Orlando Sentinel

"Impressive... this is a woman worth leaning in and listening to. Brady tenderly tells stories of connecting with her nerdy engineer father in the decades and days preceding his decline . Brady’s low-key, humanely humorous show provides an important preview of something most of us will eventually have to face."

~Seth Kubersky, Orlando Weekly

"The show has audiences laughing out loud. Humor abounds, and the writing has cathartic undertones. I was impressed with Brady’s ability to appropriately balance the comedy with the realities of aging. She commands the stage with a sense of ease that immediately draws in audience members, making them feel like her close friends. Her series of monologues are relatable, and her delivery has impeccable timing. "

~Emilie Minshew, Front Row Reviewers

"Barbara Brady tackles family, faith, and physics. As she shares her memories, she uses her posture and voice (not just speaking – her singing is lovely) to portray a variety of characters who have populated her life. Her interpretations are affectionate and subtle – these are real people, not caricatures."

~Mallory Moad, Kings River Life

“Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed your performance. The writing is excellent, and your performance is delightful. Your singing voice is wonderful, so I’m very glad you were able to incorporate it so well into the piece. From my perspective in the audience, you effortlessly switch between characters, and I have a very good sense of who they are; your dad as you were growing up reminds me a lot of my own dad — not necessarily the most socially skilled, but incredibly smart and excited to share his knowledge with you. I really hope I get the chance to see you again on stage soon.”

… Audience member review, Solo Sunday, Stage Werx, San Francisco

Barbara Brady’s “Father , Daughter and the Holy Ghost ” is one of the most touching and impactful shows I have seen in all my years as a Rogue goer. I have been a part of the Rogue since Marcel tapped me 20 years ago to help on the very first festival. Barbara’s show touches on the most tender nerves while making you laugh and cry at the same time. Something that only a true storyteller can pull off. A show worth seeing!

… Audience member review, Rogue Festival 2022