Banda Bears run for our school!

The Bear-a-thon, scheduled this year for Friday, September 28th, is the PTA's largest fundraiser of the year and it provides much of the funding for the many PTA-supported activities that help to make Bandelier a great school. Money raised funds field trip buses, classroom materials, Art in the School, and much, much more!

Banda Bears running laps

How does Bear-a-thon work?

  • Step 1: Students collect pledges from family, friends, and co-workers. (Please do not send students door-to-door.) Pledges can be made as a per lap amount or a flat fee donation.
  • Step 2: On the day of the Bear-a-thon, students run laps around a course on the grassy field. The number of laps will be recorded by teachers and volunteers. Your student will bring home a lap sheet showing the total laps run.
  • Step 3: Students collect pledge money for the per lap pledges. Place all money in the pledge envelope that was sent home and return it to your student's teacher by the deadline.

Pledges can also be made online!! We use an online service for donations as well as the usual pledge sheets. Bandelier families can look up their student's teacher and make a donation (you can add the student's name in the comment area, if desired). It's a great way to involve out-of-town family members and friends! Stay tuned for the link as we get closer to the date of the Bear-a-thon.

We always need help! Contact the Bear-a-thon committee at if you'd like to help make this year's Bear-a-thon a success!