Martial Arts Programs

Our YOUTH PROGRAMS focus on building self-esteem and self-confidence in children. We make it fun so students want to train! At Bailey’s we believe that karate is one part of a complete education. That means we stress academic achievement, social development, and leadership ability along with physical training. Our nationally recognized award winning youth programs are an excellent investment for a child's future. Many families see improvement in behavior and academics soon after enrolling.

BKS' ADULT MARTIAL ARTS is exciting, challenging and fun. Your fitness will improve as you work on cardiovascular training, flexibility, and overall body strength. In addition you will learn self-defense techniques and develop the ability to maintain a positive mental attitude. Start achieving your goals today!

"The FAMILY that kicks together, sticks together!" Over 45% of our students share the study of Martial Arts with part or all of their family. Family members use Karate as an opportunity to work together toward common goals while focusing on family values like respect for self and others, cooperation, and teamwork. We have a convenient family friendly schedule, and generous family discounts too.


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